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For that special occasion - Serves 4
Ingredients Method
4 Sirloin Steaks
50ml (2fl oz) Oil
50g (2oz) Butter
45ml 3tbsp Brandy
100ml (4fl oz) Sherry
1 Med Onion
25g (1oz) green Canned Peppercorns
30ml (2tdsp) Soy Sauce
5ml (1tsp) Vinegar
150ml (1/4pt) Cream
Pinch Paprika
5g (1tbs) Chopped Fresh Parsley
Brush steaks with a little oil. Season with salt & pepper.

Heat remaining oil & butter in a frying pan and seal both sides of steaks for about 2 mins (if you prefer your steak less rare cook for slightly longer). Pour in brandy and set alight straight away put in sherry and put out brandy flames. Remove steaks and keep warm while making sauce.

Add onion, peppercorns, vinegar and soy sauce to the liquid in pan. Cook briskly for about for minutes or until onion is tender. Add cream and paprika and boil briskly for another minute.

Return steaks to the pan to reheat for a minute on each side. Serve immediately garnished with parsley.

This dish is beautiful accompanied with jacket potatoes and a green salad.
Ingredients Method
100ml (4fl oz) Oil
1Kg (2lb) Stewing Steak Cut Up
1 Carrot Sliced thinly
25g (1oz) Flour
500ml (1Pt) Dry Red Wine
Salt & Pepper
2 Cloves Garlic peeled and crushed
1 Bouquet Garni
100g (1/4lb) Shallots (finely sliced onions if preferred)
15g (1/2oz) Butter
100g (1/4lb) Bacon cut in Strips
100g (1/4lb) Mushrooms Chopped
Heat a little oil in pan. Add beef seal and brown all sides. Remove meat, add remaining oil and brown carrot and onion. Add flour and cook it, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.

Mix in the wine and let at least a third to evaporate on quite a high heat. Put meat back in the pan and cover with cold water. Place salt, pepper garlic and bouquet garni. Cover and cook gently for approx. 21/2hrs.

Meanwhile put shallots in a pan with sugar and butter and enough water to cover. Cover and cook until the water has evaporated and a golden caramel mixture remains, roll shallots in the mixture and put to one side.

Fry bacon and mushrooms and reserve.

When meat is cooked add onions, bacon and mushrooms and cook for a further 10 mins.

Serve with mash potatoes and garden peas.
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